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Moisture on your windows? Frost? Drafts? High Heating Bills?

Try Rusco Inside Magnetic Storm Windows to help eliminate your problems. Twice as effective as outside storm windows! Inside Magnetic Storm Windows can save you up to 40% on your fuel bill!

Rusco Magnetic Storm Windows 17

Rusco Magnetic Storm Windows 17

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MAGNETIC STORM WINDOW is a revolutionary inside storm window that attaches magnetically and seals the cold out just like your refrigerator door seals the cold in. These inside insulating windows far surpass traditional storm windows in providing comfort and energy savings by doubling the resistance to conductive heat loss and eliminating air infiltration.

MAGNETIC STORM WINDOW is more than twice as efficient as standard storm

windows. This means that MAGNETIC STORM WINDOW saves you more than

twice as much money every year.


MAGNETIC STORM WINDOW, a handsome, durable system is as easily installed

on any type of existing window and unobtrusively blends with all interior designs.

MAGNETIC STORM WINDOW is also perfect for triple glazing.

The magnetic gasket concept was developed by the worlds leading manufacturer of

magnetic refrigerator door gaskets. With the advent of space age materials this

technology has been refined by an energy physicist in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Innovation Center to create MAGNETIC STORM WINDOWS. The heat-saving magnetic inside storm windows seal like a refrigerator door and dramatically reduce your window heat losses.


PROVEN MATERIALS MAGNETIC STORM WINDOWS  are constructed of proven materials that have been successfully used by homeowners and businesses for years. The crystal clear acrylic glazing in non-yellowing and has a high impact strength 18 times greater than an equivalent thickness of glass. The material is durable and long life can be expected with minimal care and maintenance. These features add up to good viewing and great energy savings.

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